5 reasons why I love the small little part of North London I love to call Crouch End

1. When you walk around Crouch End in the day time and night-time its full of friendly Smily people, which in my naive country non born in London ways, is hard to come by. If a person accidentally bangs you with a bag in Waitrose, or runs pasts you, whilst pegging it for the bus, they will always say sorry, obviously you still get the odd dick but mostly people in Crouch End are ace, its a far cry from the tossers around my work in the West End.

2. In Crouch End there are so many hidden gems, like my favorite tucked away coffee shop The Haberdashery on Middle Lane, which is just an utter delight to visit. The garden is full of beautiful smelling flowers, bunting kriss crossing the gates and vintage tables and chairs. For me the selling point of the Haberdashery is the tea, when they serve it to you, each time you will be drinking out a cute vintage cup and saucer, it’s so hard not to swipe them in your bag and take them home.Also the pubs such as the Kings Head, and Kiss the Sky are two of my favorites, rimmed with colourful characters.

3. Dunns Bakery are pretty well-known in the whole of London, they have been making gorgeous sticky buns, cookies, birthday cakes, and bread since 1820! Yeah ok the Birthday cakes are a wee bit more expensive than your average supermarket cake but by golly you won’t eat anything like it, they have got their baking to an absolute T, plus I am all for supporting independent bakery’s.

4. The craft shops in Crouch End are amazing, I havent been to a part of London apart from Tottenham Court Road and Holborn with as many craft and arts shops. If you’re looking for a cute little birthday card, anniversary card, or just a plain old card, then Crouch End is the place to get them!

5.The resturants and places to eat in Crouch End are unbelievable, you have so many options, Banners is top-notch however there is a few weeks waiting list sometimes, Pizzarea bringing out the yummiest pizza’s and Cafe 21 for your hangover fry ups, do not eat in Spiazzo, its run by rude arrogant Italians who really don’t give a shit about their customers, lazy, slow service and the boss looks like fucking Jabba the Hutt!

5.1 Quiet simply I will end with the Crouch End men, now most of these gorgeous men have unfortunately very pretty wives and children, however there are the odd few walking by themself with you walking behind them wondering if they are going home to their wives ( non stalker) I catch the W7 home from work every day and seriously there isn’t a day where I don’t see a good-looking guy swarming on the bus, Crouch End is heaving with them!

SO if you want to feel like your out of London for an afternoon, eat some cakes, perve on some hot men, drink tea out of cute tea cups, and drink cider in the pub then come to Crouch End.


5 reasons I love my cat;

1. When my cat purr’s its the most comforting thing, and it means I am home and he hasn’t forgotten about me.

2. When I kiss at my cat he bumps his head into mine, I like to call it a sophisticated cat kiss. Mind you my cat isn’t a kissy slutty cat, no no he only kisses a very special select few.

3. When I go back home to my parents in the fresh air county I love to call Devon, my cat on the first night of arrival likes to sing to me outside my window for hours and hours, Its cute at first because I know he is singing in his best voice, but after 3 hours, water will hit his tabby coat.

4. When I get dressed, my cat doesn’t look at me with those pervy eyes that dogs look at you with, but instead looks at me like I am the most beautiful perfect women on the planet. I tell you what, every woman should get a cat to make them feel better about their body hang ups, just one look from those eyes and that cat will get any treat he likes, you name it tinned salmon, waitrose kitty food, or even some cut from the bone ham. After I get dressed and my Cat looks at me with those ‘Your amazing kind of eyes’ I normally treat him with a nice bowl of green lid milk slightly warmed up.

5. Finally I love my cat because, he is loyal and always comes home, he gives the best hugs when your down, and looks after my other cat Mia and the tortoise tank Martha (Mums Birthday present, she loves it like a fucking human) like a good big brother.

Ps, If you have a cat you have to try them on catnip, the best experience of my life, he loved that shit!